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About Us

MPM Japanese Quail Layer Farms is one of the leading egg traders all over India. We are emerging in this field for more than 14 years. Initially, Quail eggs were produced and sold.After 2010, Other Products such as Country Hen eggs,panchakavya eggs,kadaknath hen eggs,etc, are produced. We have number of clients all over India.We produce each eggs with immense care and care to achieve the reliability of customers.

Healthy hens for healthy Eggs is our motto We grow large number of hens of various types to produce eggs,these chickens and hens are provided with organic foods and are not caged in farms.

Eggcellent Choice for Healthy Eggs is our mantra,inorder to produce healthy eggs. We take immense care in healthy and conditon of chickens and hens,weekly inspection for chickens are made. We are very much glad in inviting all clients and customers to our farms on week days.

We used only paper moulded boxes.It does not effect Environment. We used an erasable ink and selling.

We are very glad in inviting all clients and customer to our farms on week days!!!

M.P.M.Japanese Quail Layer Farm

ph:+91 4294 242361
Mob:+91 97505 14555

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