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1. A new type of egg labeled as “enriched” or rich in omega-3 is available in brown shells.
2. Hens that lay these eggs eat a diet supplemented with natural sources of omega-3, such as flaxseed and fish oil, and their improved nutrition carries over into their eggs.
3. Brownshell eggs from hens that are allowed to roam in the sunshine contain 3–4 times the amount of vitamin D find in eggs from a conventionally raised hen.

Medicinal Properties

  • Prevents blood clots.
  • Keeps your eyes healthy.

Advantages Of Brownshell Eggs

1.This is our nation bird eggs.
2.It is most wanted eggs in society.
3.Country eggs contains more nutrients than other eggs.
4.This eggs have lot of medicinal values compared to another variety of eggs.
5.In MPM brand we provide 6 eggs per pack.