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1. Duck require less space and less work than chickens and rabbits plus they are quiet and easy to raise.
2. They do not eat a lot, convert feed into protein efficiently, and are much more congenial creatures than even the sweetest-tempered chicken.
3. Many cities allow Duck when chickens are forbidden and given their quiet nature and modest space requirements, they can even be raised on the balcony of an urban apartment.

Medicinal Properties

  • To protect against heart disease and cancer.
  • Enhances our immune system.

Advantages Of Duck Eggs

1. Ducks are different from hens.
2. Ducks grow with nature oriented foods like insects & grains So duck eggs are 100% pure.
3. Duck eggs have different smell than other eggs because of food intake of the ducks.
4. Shells shine than other eggs.
5. It controls piles if eaten on a regular basis.
6. Rich in protein, vitamins.
7. In our brand we provide 6 eggs per pack.