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1. Quail require less space and less work than chickens and rabbits plus they are quiet and easy to raise.
2. They do not eat a lot, convert feed into protein efficiently, and are much more congenial creatures than even the sweetest-tempered chicken.
3. Many cities allow quail when chickens are forbidden and given their quiet nature and modest space requirements, they can even be raised on the balcony of an urban apartment.

Medicinal Properties

  • Prevent Chronic Disease and Treat Allergies.
  • Provides Relief From Hypertension

Advantages Of Quail Eggs

1. This is important variety in MPM eggs.
2. It is different from normal eggs, because of size & colour. Totally the weight is 10-12 grams only.
3. It contain yellow yolk & white as normal eggs.
4. Quail eggs controlled cold and cough if we ate regularly.
5. In our MPM brand we provide 12 eggs per one box.